“Housing for the 99%” was the demand of private tenants in London who, frustrated with high costs, poor quality and acute insecurity in the private rented sector and concerned at the increasing numbers of people who are unable to access good quality, safe and secure housing, called a meeting in May 2012 to bring together groups and individuals to take action for better housing. At this meeting, tenants, representatives of a number of groups working on housing and related issues, and other individuals formulated a series of demands reflecting their analysis of the some of main problems with the current housing system.

Housing for the 99% became a platform for housing campaigning, particularly in London, and uses a blog, events and social media to campaign and share information on housing issues, particularly in the private rented housing sector as this is where we think some of the biggest problems are – including high rents, cuts to Housing Benefit and poor quality, insecure housing.

We want to see:

  • Better rights for tenants
  • Greater responsibilities for landlords
  • Controls to address spiralling rents
  • More public housing

Since 2012, many new groups have formed around aspects of the housing crisis, and existing groups have begun working more closely together. There are now 9 private tenants groups in London, working together through the London Renters coalition. And the Radical Housing Network has been set up to facilitate sharing of support, ideas and resources between different housing groups more widely.

Those who initial made links around this callout are organising through the Radical Housing Network and/or London Renters and so there’s no longer the same role for Housing for the 99% to serve as a platform or forum for organising or sharing information.

But there’s still plenty to be done to tackle the housing crisis, which continues to worsen. You can get involved with either of these networks:

Radical Housing Network

London Renters


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