Chance to shop greedy landlords to the London Assembly?

Members of Haringey Housing Action Group protest high rents and Housing Benefit cuts

With private rents in London up an average of nearly 7 per cent this year, the London Assembly have decided to take a look at what’s going on.

Over the next couple of months, the Housing and Regeneration committee are doing a review of London’s private rented housing. They’re asking for views on three areas: affordability and tenure, quality and standards, and tenant and landlord rights.

They’re asking for views on the first area, affordability and tenure, by Monday prior to their meeting on 20 September. We’ll be sending some of our thoughts over – but the more the merrier! The more people they hear from saying that they’re sick of paying rip-off rents and public money going straight into greedy landlords’ pockets, the better!

Send your comments to byMonday 3 September. Full details of the issues being covered are available at here.

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