Calling time on greedy landlords

This morning a bunch of us paid a visit to the National Landlords Association (NLA). The NLA represents more than a million landlords who collectively make billions from their tenants – and, through Housing Benefit, the public purse – by charging rip-off rents. The organisations also actively lobbies against better regulation of landlords, and encourages its members not to offer secure tenancies.

So our visit was to make it clear that we’ve had enough of runaway rents and poor quality, insecure housing. With a good turnout and no rain (hurray!) we headed down to their London office on the embankment to air our new banner and placards, make some noise and generally make sure staff and passers-by didn’t get away without knowing why we were there.

We were also there with cardboard boxes and sleeping bags to highlight how the Housing Benefit cuts compound the problem of high rents, increasing the risk of homelessness for private tenants. Crisis report that there has been a 39 per cent rise in tenants becoming homeless because their tenancies have come to an end.

With over 8m private tenants in England, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only people who are pissed off. Over the next few weeks we’ll be planning our next steps – and would love contributions from anyone that shares our aims. Get in touch with your thoughts at or follow us @housingforthe99.

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7 Responses to Calling time on greedy landlords

  1. shifro says:

    Bravo to all those who have decided enough is enough. I was a private tenant 40 years ago with all the problems that exist today. I was lucky enough to get a housing association flat in a nice area before the 1988 Thatcherite housing act effectively privatised them. For job reasons I did a national mobility swap and ended up in a council house in the North. So 30 years I have been active in my tenants association and for 13 years an active member of the Defend Council Housing campaign which stands for security, decency, really affordable rents and full accountability of landlords. I also support the Housing Emergency campaign – cap rents not benefits etc. Many people currently living in the private sector are among the 5 million on council waiting lists. I am not claiming public housing is perfect but it is has benefits way above those available in the private sector. We all want the same thing so I fully support you and I would like to see your campaign take root in Sheffield. Take the profit out of housing.

  2. Ben Reeve Lewis says:

    Yesterday Wales published a proposal to licence landlords and agents. A very interesting read here its a tough programme amd given Welsh thinking on this it is highly likely to get through and become law. We all need to publicise this as much as possible so that more and more people keep track of it. Once it becomes law it adds leverage to bring it in for England and Scotland. It weakens Westminster’s argument that licensing is un-workable

  3. A says:

    Very happy to have found you and NPTO. Keep getting tenants organised and fight for our rights..
    It seems that the people in power consider tenants as 2nd class citizens and this should stop,

    Good idea to cooperate with HousePriceCrash forum and SaveOurSavers since we all have the same demands from the MPs..

    Keep up the good work ..

  4. Alex says:

    This is great. But can we include council/housing association and poor conditions/lack of repairs as well. (I’m in a housing association flat but its got such a bad damp problem my clothes & shoes keep going mouldy and its affecting my health, for example).
    I think there’s a lot of common ground between private & social tenants – both need decent and affordable homes of decent quality and aren’t getting them.

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